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Full Tang

the full tang blade extends the length of the handle, providing superior stability and support during use.
samurai sword Traditional Forging samurai sword Traditional Forging
Samurai Swords

Traditional Forging

Samurai Swords Using centuries-old traditional techniques, it is made by meticulous full-hand forging
Japanese Swords

Elegant Aesthetics

Japanese swords boast elegant design features that honor their illustrious heritage. From the exquisitely clay tempered hamons blade to the intricately crafted tsuba (guard), each element enhances its regal aesthetic.

Samurai Katana sWORDS

Katana is a hand-forged Japanese sword that is deep in history. It's embraced because of its versatile design and dynamic shape.Katana isn't just a sword; it reflects the identity of samurai warriors during feudal Japan and is still admired and utilized to practice martial arts or samurai swords collections in this modern era.

Katana swords

Real katana

Real katana topmost characteristic is its sharp ideal blade, which is resilient and iconic due to its curved-edged body.
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Katana Knows

Katana, by term, reflects the single-edged swords all over the world. It is the ancient samurai sword used by the Japanese people (samurai warriors) to battle their feuds. It was considered a versatile war weapon due to its artistic design comprising sharp, curved, and single blades, along with a guard (referred to as tsuba), giving feasibility to both hands.

Katana is made of high-quality carbon and the purest steel (known as tamahagane), using traditional methods to maintain its aesthetic beauty and sturdy design. The foremost step includes the smelting of steel. Swordsmiths (a group of people who make Japanese swords) shovel approximately 23-25 tons of iron-bearing sand and charcoal in the furnace for more than three days to make a single batch of tamahagane. 

After shoving, high-quality carbon is added into the furnace to dissolve it into steel. The best pieces of tamahagane are filtered out to remove the impurities. Otherwise, it will result in the weakness of the katana.

Early on, it was used for stabbing and cutting since a sharp katana was decorated for trimming motives due to its long blade length. But with time, samurai people used to practice martial arts and soon made it a military icon when they started using it on the battlefield.

Along with war weapons, the katana is special because it reflects the status and is given as a gift. It represents loyalty and respect and plays a role in possessing honor among the samurai class. Also, its unique shape, comprising a straight handle and cutting-edge surface, gives it a perfect style and ability for precise cuts, making it more efficient than all other short swords.

Regarding historical background, it was developed after tachi ( another Japanese sword) and is considered more than just a weapon. Among samurai people, it reflects the character, rich in discipline, honor, and moral qualities, and marked a high social status.

In the Kamakura era (1185-1333), it was designed and used for cutting and stabbing to some extent. But soon after the Kamakura period ended, the Edo period started, and it began to be used as the finest cutting weapon of the military. In the early Edo period, it was considered a symbol of appreciation. But in the late Edo period, it became the code of warriors.

With time, traditionally made katanas were considered as national treasures. Although they are now built as modern katanas used for martial arts.

Continuing the katana versatility, it has specific Nichirin blades that can absorb sunlight. These were used by demon slayers to kill the demons. Demon slayers were human, but their major weakness was sunlight, and that's the sole reason why they used katana swords as their weapons.


Wakizashi is a type of Japanese sword used as a secondary weapon. It has a smaller blade than a katana sword. It possesses similar qualities but in a smaller size than the katana. It helped in hand-to-hand battles and close encounters. Its specialty is that it can be used simultaneously with the primary weapon for self-defense.

Wakizashi Collection


Another type is tanto, which is carried in addition to wakizashi or katana. It is more like a dagger than a sword. It has the shortest blade length (20-30 cm) and a single-edge blade with a precise square tip. Due to its small size, it was used to pierce armor and self-defense in tight battles.

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Top Grade katana

Top Grade katana. It is made from high manganese steel, used in the Kamakura era, and regarded as the finest traditional katana sword. More than just a weapon, this katana is a piece of art that pays homage to the samurai culture. It’s a symbol of honor, discipline, and craftsmanship

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